Active virosome technology is a powerful, versatile platform for producing vaccines and therapeutic agents.

Active virosomes are non-replicating derivatives of Measles and other morbilliviruses. 

They comprise a custom designed genome coding for:

  • Exclusively non-Measles (or parent viral) genes


  • Non-Measles (parent viral) genes along with a subset of Measles (parent viral genes)
  • Active virosome technology incorporates ONLY vaccine relevant genes. So they are:
    • safe, easy and cheap to produce;
    • very efficient at delivery into human cells.
  • They cannot cause disease because virosome does NOT contain:
    • target virus polymerase & cis-acting regulatory regions essential for target virus replication.
    • all the MV genes essential for MV replication.
  • They are easily adaptable to other viruses